Top 12 Range Rover coolant Leak repair services in Port St Lucie, FL

Top 12 Range Rover coolant Leak repair services in Port St Lucie, FL

Top 12 Range Rover coolant Leak repair services in Port St Lucie, FL

If your Range Rover is experiencing a coolant leak in Port St. Lucie, FL, finding prompt repair services is essential to prevent further damage to your vehicle. With its sophisticated engineering, addressing coolant leaks requires expertise and precision. Fortunately, several reputable auto repair shops in Port St. Lucie specialize in servicing luxury vehicles like Range Rovers, offering comprehensive coolant leak diagnosis and repair.

These repair centers employ skilled technicians equipped with the latest diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of the leak accurately. Whether it’s a faulty hose, radiator issue, or a damaged gasket, they have the knowledge and resources to resolve the problem efficiently. By entrusting your Range Rover to these professionals, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will receive top-quality repair services tailored to its specific needs, allowing you to safely navigate the roads of Range Rover Port St. Lucie once again.

Here is the list of the top 13 Range Rover coolant Leak repair services in Port St Lucie, FL for your consideration.

List of the Top 13 Range Rover coolant Leak Repair Services Facilities in Port St Lucie, FL

1-Elite Auto Repair

2-Aspen Motorsports

3-St Lucie battery and tire

4-Toyo-Lex Auto Repairs

5-Treasure Coast Auto Repair

6-four points auto repair

7-Gary’s Tradition Auto Service PSL

8-Ronald Car Care

9-Allapattah Automotive

10-ST Lucie Battery and Tire

11-Prestige Auto Repair of ST Lucie

12-Cottin’s Automotive

1-Elite Auto Repair

Elite Auto Repair is located in Port St Lucie, FL, a hub of auto care shops. They have served this community with excellence, dedication, and loyalty. They have made a loyal fellowship with their clients and have earned their trust and time. People trust them for their mind-blowing services. They are the top-notch service providers in Port St. Lucie, FL and the surroundings. They have expanded their business to many different locations. Because they want to serve this community with a dream car experience and that will happen with a good diagnosis of cars. As they have all the ASE-certified technicians who do their work with passion and dedication. They are always available for your service. If you are in Port St Lucie, FL and want the best service then Elite Auto Repair is the right place for you. If you want to know about their services, they have a wide range of services they cater to you. Their services include (steering and suspension, brake systems, tire alignment, oil changes, engine repairs, transmission overhauls, HVAC servicing, automotive software installations and updates, powertrain diagnostics and repairs, major and minor electrical work, auto body painting, and repairs, check engine light diagnostics, coolant leak repairs, water pump. If you are having trouble with your car and are not happy with it so make your direction towards elite auto repair because they make your abandoned cars like newer ones.

  • PORT ST. LUCIE, Phone : (872-812-3270) PORT ST. LUCIE, 1648 SW BILTMORE STREET, FL 34984
  • STUART, Phone : (772) 600-8666, 3684 SE DIXIE HWY STUART, FL 34997
  • BOCA RATON, Phone : ( 561)245-8553, FL 33431 4756 NW BOCA RATON BLVD, STE B2
  • SINGER ISLAND, Phone: (561-727-8959) WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33404 1260 PLAZA CIR
  • DELRAY BEACH, Phone: (561-454-5600) 445 NE 6TH AVE, STE 23, FL 33483.

2-Aspen Motorsports

If you are in Port St Lucie, FL and looking for a trustworthy auto car service for you then Aspen Motors is the place where you can come with surety that your car will be safe and smoother. It’s the dream of anyone to have a car that gives you the best driving experience without any issues. Because the car is like a good partner and you have to take good care of it. Aspen motorsports have technicians who are highly skilled and all of them are ASE-certified. They have the skills to fix your cars like they are the doctor and bring anything to life. You will be stunned to see your car’s performance. This thing makes our clients come again and again because we have built strong trust in them. Our loyalty is our major. For this, they will listen to you very carefully and will ask you about your car’s performance and the issues that you are facing. After understanding they will take over your car for a short time and will start working on it. they will use only the original parts that need to be fixed or replaced, Even if you have to talk about the prices they can go up and down, it varies because everyone has a different price range so what lies in your pocket will be good to go for your service.

1-PORT ST. LUCIE, Phone : (872-812-3270) PORT ST. LUCIE, 1648 SW BILTMORE STREET, FL 34984

2-STUART, Phone : (772) 600-8666, 3684 SE DIXIE HWY STUART, FL 34997

3-BOCA RATON, Phone : ( 561)245-8553, FL 33431 4756 NW BOCA RATON BLVD, STE B2

4-SINGER ISLAND, Phone: (561-727-8959) WEST PALM BEACH, FL 33404 1260 PLAZA CIR

5-DELRAY BEACH, Phone: (561-454-5600) 445 NE 6TH AVE, STE 23, FL 33483.

3-St Lucie Battery and Tires

St. Lucie Battery and Tires is located at 2165 SW Gatlin Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34953, United States. This service center is a great opportunity for those who are looking for the best service centers for their Cars. In Port St Lucie, there was a big need for such service centers that could work with honesty and loyalty. Despite there being a lot of service centers not all of them are trustworthy. So if you are in real need of a dedicated and trustworthy service center then st lucie battery tires is the best place for you. They can clear your issues about tires or batteries even more. Does not matter what are the problems for which you want to visit. When you visit then you should be tension free and your car is their responsibility. They will ensure your car’s safety and will give you a pleasurable driving experience. They have a wide range of services that they provide and also the prices that they offer are very reasonable. They have hired technicians who are ASE-certified and have experience of years with bundles of positive reviews from people who have been getting services from them for years.

4-Toyo-Lex Auto Repair

Toy Lex Auto Repair is one of the service centers that is working for Toyota models and all other luxury models. They have been working for years and have maintained their reputation for providing the best services for cars. They have ASE-certified technicians who are the best mechanics in Port St Lucie. They are brilliant at giving good customer support because they understand their customer’s concerns first and then start working on their cars. What makes their service exceptional they believe in transparency and loyalty. That is the reason that people trust them and have made them their permanent service providers. They are currently located at 1613 SW Biltmore St, Port Saint Lucie, FL 34984.  They are located at a very perfect location where you can find a spot to wait outside or if you want you can wait in the waiting hall that they have provided for customers in their service center. They have a wider space to park cars. The best thing is they use advanced tools for diagnosing cars and identifying the problems of your car. When you are at Toyo Lex auto repair then ensure your better performance of the car. They have aimed to provide a dream driving experience for you by doing the best service for you. They offer all the services at very competitive prices. They cater to services that are minor or even bigger. If you are busy and do not have time to go there. Then you can schedule your pickup and handle your car with them. For this purpose, you have to mention everything that you want to be done with your car. This will help them to diagnose your car even if you are not with them. So without wasting time, you can have them for your auto care.

5-Treasure Coast Auto Repair

Treasure Coast Auto Repair is a service center in Port St. Lucie that is exactly located at 1815 SW South Macedo Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34984, United States. This service center is working to promote the well-being of Port St Lucie. They have earned a name in the automotive field due to their way of doing services. They have staff members who are highly qualified and can diagnose all possible problems with your car. They are working with very competitive prices and they will discuss with you about your matter and will tell you the best solution that can be reliable for you. So when you are at Treasure Coast Auto Repair then make sure that your car is safe and they will give back your car in a different condition. Because they treat cars so well that it automatically makes your heart melt. They offer a wide range of services that include power steering flush with chemicals, headlight restoration, engine diagnostic, air conditional services, comprehensive multi-point inspection, smog inspection, minor tune-ups, or even whole tunings, charging system diagnostics, basic brake service, fuel injection, cooling system repair. There are other services too that they can perform. They are known for giving the best customer support. Loyalty and honesty are their priority that is why people trust them. If you want to have service from such a brilliant auto care center then you can schedule your visit or can go there directly to have your car diagnosed.

6-Four Points Auto Repair

If you are looking for a trustworthy auto repair shop in Port St Lucie then four points auto repair is available so you do not have to struggle further. They are servicing cars, trucks SUVs, all the Toyota models and other luxury models of cars. They have in working for 62 years and they provide dealership-quality repairs at very low prices. Their staff members are ASE-certified. They had spent decades in the automotive field. Their current location is 2000 SW Hayworth Ave Port St Lucie. This is not the only location where they are working. They have branches in the surroundings too. They cater to all the minor and major services of cars including engine repair, diagnostic work, electrical, brakes, car wheel alignment, tires, transmission repair and much more. If you want to book your appointment then you can call them or visit them directly, with four points of auto repair you have all the opportunities of having a dream driving experience. They strive with loyalty and dedication that makes them stand out the best in them.

7-Gary’s Tradition Auto PSL

Gary’s tradition auto PSL is located in Port St Lucie. It is an auto workshop that is highly recommended by people who have experience with them. According to their history, they have technicians who are ASE-certified and have years of experience with the automotive industry. This service center has pride in providing brilliant service in the town. They use the latest tools and software to diagnose the cars. If you do not have time to wait and want them to pick up your vehicle from your house then they can do that for you. You just have to call them for your appointment. Their customer support is very clear and fast. To know about their level of service. You can go to the website that they have made and read the reviews by people. They have almost all the positive reviews from people. Their excellence is seen in their behavior and the environment that they provide. Their timings are 5 business days in a week, they remain open from Monday to Friday. You can also get an emergency visit by scheduling your visit.

8-Ronald Car Care

Ronald Car Care is and family-owned business located in Port St lucie. In the heart of Florida. They are known to have pride in using modern state-of-the-art tools for diagnosing cars. Their technicians are ASE-certified and are experts in their work. You must have heard about Ronald Car Care if you are a resident of Port St Lucie. They should be your top choice because they are the one-stop destination where you will find solutions for all of your problems. They have a wide range of services that include Cooling Fans, Water Pumps, Belts, Hoses, Radiators, Thermostats, Transmission Coolers, Fan Clutches, Heater Cores, Diagnosis, Headlight Restoration., Lube Oil Filter, Services Transmission Flush., Power Steering Flush., Differential Flush, Brake Fluid Flush, Calipers, Brake Rooters, Brake Drums, Power Boosters, Emergency Brakes Diagnosis. Despite a wide range of services, they have a very clean environment in their auto care center. Shocks, Struts, Air ride Systems, Steering Racks, Steering, Drive Axles, Ball Joints, Control Arms, Coil Springs, Tie Rod Ends Diagnosis, Hose Assemblies, Expansion Valve and Orifice Tube, Accumulators and Filter Drier, Diagnosis Performance Testing. Their customer support is very clear as they do not leave any communication gap between customers and them. They discuss every matter with clients. Then start working on their vehicle which helps them to make careful service. They are capable of servicing all the models of luxury or domestic cars. So you do not have to worry about anything if your car is imported or domestic.

9-Allapattah Automotives

This service center is located in Port St. Lucie which is the hub of automotive service centers. This service center is similar to its unique name. the word “allapattah” means alligator’ it is an Indian word used by many others. But allapattah automotives have used this word to show their level of service. Allapattah Automotives is known for serving with honesty and dedication. They have very positive reviews from their customers. They have certified technicians with excellent knowledge of services. Technicians that are working here are best among others. They give friendly customer support to their customers. They are transparent with customers so that they can better understand the concerns of their customers. They do services from oil changes and repairs to tire replacement or steering. Whatever your concern about service, they will give you the best solution for this.

10-ST Lucie Battery and Tire

St Lucie Battery and Tire is located in Port ST Lucie and also exists in more than one location (Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Hobe Sound, Jensen, Okeechobee, Palm City, Sebastian, Vero Beach, and West Palm) they are in progress since 1970. This is a family-owned business which is why they have a friendly environment and sincerity. Because a business which is running for years and has been controlled by members of a family you can consider that they must have a loyalty level in them. They deal in tires and other services regarding cars. This is one of the top auto care centers in St Lucie. They have earned a lot of reputation for their remarkable services which are exceptional because of their dedicated work. Their staff members always do work with joy and they provide good customer support. The best thing is if you have concerns about tires or their alignment then they are the best tire dealers in Singer Island. Services that they provide include tire alignments, oil changes, filter replacement and repair, service for batteries, service for big trucks and RVs, and automotive services. Do not hesitate to select this service center as your permanent auto-care partner. Their prices vary with the type of work that they have to do. If you have concerns about the price then you can discuss it with them. They will give you the best solution for that. They care for you and cater to you with the best service. That is why they are on the top of the lists in Port St Lucie.

11-Prestige Auto Repair of St Lucie

Prestige Auto Repair of St. Lucie is located in Port St. Lucie at 1811 SW Biltmore St, Port St. Lucie, FL 34984, United States. This service center is a family-owned business that has been in progress for decades and has earned a lot of reputation with its dot-less services. Their satisfied customers are the proof of their service. They are located at more than one location. Their way of doing service is very transparent as they do service in front of you. If you want can also wait in the hall that they have for their customers while their car is under treatment. The whole staff of them are ASE-certified and they have experience of years working in the automotive field. They are very transparent in that they talk with their customers before working on their vehicle and after understanding the concerns of their vehicle. They will give them an estimate of how much it will cost. If customers have a low budget then they can be guided with a solution that comes in their budget. Their services are at very competitive prices and have a comprehensive range of services. They do cater to minor to major services in a short time but with precise care. When you are at Prestige Auto Care then consider that your vehicle is under excellent care. Ensure your vehicle’s longevity and dream driving experience with the prestige auto repair of St Lucie.

12-Cottin’s Automotive

Cottins Automotive is located in Port St Lucie and it is a biblically based auto care shop that has been working for over 7 years. But in this short time, they have gained experience that is enough to satisfy their customers. They have always met their customer’s needs. Their services are very appreciable and customers always give good reviews about their services. This service center has with license to do work and has an AAA certification reward. Their work is backed in-house and nationwide warranty of two years with 24000 miles. They are serving the best for their customers with loyalty and transparency. They have solutions for minor to major repairs and services that involve AC repair, Asian vehicle repair, brakes, car wash, truck care, domestic cars and trucks, electrical services, engine and transmission, engine maintenance, European and import vehicle repair, general services, heating and cooling services, miscellaneous services, quick lube services, transmission services, under-car services. To cater to all these services they have modern tools and software that bring out the exact problem that a car is suffering. It is very obvious that their customer support is very friendly and they care about their customer and their needs.

Honorable mentions

Above mentioned auto care centers are filtered from multiple services and are said to be top-notch service providers in the town. But for your consideration, we have mentioned two more service centers that you can trust.

1-Spanish auto repair

2-St Lucie West Auto Repair

1-Spanish Auto Repair

Spanish Auto Repair is a successful auto repair shop that was established in 2007. They have been doing very well since then as they have remarkable technicians working for them. Their staff are very transparent and have open communication with their customers. They provide services to their customers on an urgent basis if you are in a hurry then you can go and get your car fixed on the spot. Or even if you want to schedule meetups then you can do that. They provide coolant repair services and other services like oil, filtration, lubrication, timing belt services beak repair services, engine repair and replacement, etc. They are currently working on all European and German brands including Range Rover, BMW, and Mercedes. There are other brands also for which they are working. They provide services at different places other than Port St Lucie which are Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Willington, and Jupiter.

2-St Lucie West Auto Repair

This service center is new in the area and recently settled there. However, they are not new to the industry as they have spent 40 years in the field of the automotive industry. This is a family-owned business and they have a reputation of spreading loyalty and empathy because they do not go into hustle and bustle to see their customers. If you do not understand what is the problem of your car. Then they can identify it because they have use of modern state-of-the-art technology and tools that help to identify the problem of your car. They cater to a large variety of services to make your drive efficient and smoother. Their services are very unremarkable as they are all ASE-certified. They offer a wide range of services from minor to major car issues. They repair all kinds of models and make. They are also working with the parts of cars. You can get this all at very reasonable prices because they have different price ranges for different customers.  Their current location is 1343 NW St. Lucie West Blvd. ( they also have seasonal discount offers and Coupons).


In conclusion, if your Range Rover is experiencing a coolant leak in Port St. Lucie, FL, don’t hesitate to seek out the expertise of reputable auto repair shops specializing in luxury vehicles. With their skilled technicians and advanced diagnostic tools, they can accurately identify and efficiently repair any coolant leak issues your vehicle may be facing. By entrusting your Range Rover to these professionals, you can rest assured that it will receive the care and attention it deserves, allowing you to get back on the road with confidence and peace of mind.


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  13. St. Lucie Battery and Tire is my go-to for reliable service and fair prices. Their team always goes above and beyond to keep my car running smoothly.

  14. Toyo-Lex Auto Repairs has earned my trust with their professionalism and expertise. I highly recommend them for all auto repair needs.

  15. Aspen Motorsports consistently delivers top-notch service and expertise. I trust them implicitly with my vehicle maintenance and repairs.

  16. Treasure Coast Auto Repair provides exceptional service every time. Their knowledgeable staff and efficient work make them stand out from the rest.

  17. Gary’s Tradition Auto Service PSL sets the standard for auto care in the area. Their friendly staff and expertise make them my first choice for repairs.

  18. Ronald Car Care consistently exceeds my expectations with their thorough service and attention to detail. Highly recommend.

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